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    Sutter Coast Community Clinic
    Sutter Coast Hospital

    Sutter Coast Community Clinic

    Sutter Coast Community Clinic is located behind Sutter Coast Hospital and provides services for men, women and children of Del Norte and Curry Counties.

    Services include:

    • Diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, including chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, as well as minor problems such as colds and other infections
    • Complete obstetrical care, including pre-natal visits, management of delivery and postpartum care
    • Preventative care exams
    • Complete "well-child check" examinations and immunizations
    • Admission to the hospital and inpatient care for serious conditions
    • Newborn exams in the hospital
    • Management of complicated gynecological problems such as abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain and abnormal pap smears
    • Surgical services including hysterectomy, permanent sterilization, repairs of pelvic prolapse and other gynecological and urological procedures

    Contact Us

    780 East Washington Boulevard
    Crescent City, CA 95531

    (707) 464-5974 - Obstetrics/Gynecology
    (707) 464-6715 - Family Medicine/Pediatrics

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